19 Tips for The Best Copywriting

If you want your copywriting to stand out, try these 19 tips.

Benjamin Watkins


Great copywriting reframes objections.

The best copywriting inspires action.

But what turns good copywriting into great copywriting? What inspires action from the reader?

Here are 19 tips for the best copywriting.

1. Ditch the dictionary words

Dictionary words belong in formal language.

If you want to sound human, ditch the formal words for informal words.

2. Be specific

Don’t sell the product, sell the details.

Highlight the features, benefits, and how easy it is to get. Make it easy for the customer to make a decision.

3. Learn to write a captivating hook

Great copywriting commands attention.

Learn to write a hook that pulls the reader into your story.

4. Guide the reader with structure

Structure turns unreadable, scary block texts into friendly, readable texts.

Everyone scans. Formatting your writing makes it easier to scan and read.

5. Tell stories

People remember stories.

Give yourself a name. Give yourself a mission. Talk about what you do every day.