5 Underrated Copywriting Lessons

What these examples teach us about the power of copywriting.

Benjamin Watkins
4 min readAug 13, 2023

It’s time to break out more copywriting examples.

Copywriting examples are how I like to practice copywriting and what my readers enjoy the most (not counting my mom). Comparisons show how copywriting could be better.

These examples are some I wrote myself and some I found fascinating. They offer a mini-lesson on how to improve your copywriting and conversions.

Be a Storyteller In Your Product Descriptions

You can sniff a fake brand story a mile away. It’s bogus. It’s cookie-cutter. It’s inauthentic.

I like Top Of The Morning Coffee’s brand storytelling. It feels real. It feels like a friend talking to me. And that’s why it’s more than just copywriting — it’s conversational copywriting at its finest.

The product description talks like someone who understands coffee drinkers. Never undervalue the value of being relatable.

Top Of The Morning Coffee tells great stories.

Make Your About Page Relatable



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