7 Sales Tactics That Have Helped Me Build a 6-Figure Business

Why sales is a struggle and how I’m learning to get better.

Benjamin Watkins


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I love writing. I love marketing. I LOVE copywriting.

But I never loved sales because I sucked at it. This was especially evident when I became a freelancer. I was awful at closing clients or figuring out how to even reach out to potential prospects.

But I’m slowly learning how sales is not the enemy. My mindset is the enemy. How I’ve thought about sales is completely wrong.

Here are seven tactics that have helped me become (slowly) better at sales.

1. Know Your Prospect

This seems like a no-brainer.

It wasn’t for me.

In the first few years of my freelancing career, I chased anyone and everyone. As a result, I landed some clients I had no business working with. I also had a terrible close rate because I didn’t know my prospect or their industry well.

Darren McKee has helped me with everything around sales. Knowing your prospect is one of the best things you can do.

It’s how you stand out.

2. Know What You’re Selling

It also took me a few years to narrow down what I was selling.

Sure, I have copywriting services. But that could mean I’m selling landing pages, websites, and emails. It could also mean I do that for any industry.

I had to focus on what and who I was selling to. I had to force myself to be specific.

I learned that I wasn’t selling a product. I was selling an outcome. I was selling results that I was confident in.

3. Be Relentless

The more I study sales, the more I learn how relentless the best salespeople are.

They genuinely want to help you. They will figure out a way to reach you, whether it’s a LinkedIn DM or an email. And they will continue to do it until they get a yes from you.

They are relentless because they believe they are the best. They will figure out a way to reach their top prospects because they want…



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