A Few Powerful YouTube Copywriting Tips

How these creators are dominating YouTube with the best headlines.

Benjamin Watkins


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One of my goals for 2024 is to get started on YouTube.

I have zero knowledge of how to edit or make a proper video on my phone. But then again, I knew very little about copywriting five years ago.

The more I study creators who kill it on YouTube, the more I realize how good their headlines are.

Zach King’s YouTube Headlines

Zach King is the king of magic on YouTube.

My kids and I love watching his videos. His headlines are good because they involve the reader and make you curious to learn more.

You can learn a lot from studying the headlines of some of the most prolific YouTube creators.

Mr. Beast Introduces Novelty

Mr. Beast is, well, a beast at what he does.

One of the things he does super well is play on audience psychology. For example, he uses the Novelty Effect to get you to watch his videos.

The novelty effect is when audiences are likelier to watch it because they’ve never seen it.

It’s something out of the ordinary. It compels you to click on it. And it’s a great way to write a headline.

h/t to Phill Agnew.

Always Study What Others Do

I love studying copywriting and seeing what works for other creators.

It doesn’t mean I have to do it, but it inspires me to experiment and gives me insight into what strategies they use to capture attention.

These copywriting tips are helpful when it comes to getting more clicks and, ultimately, teasing the reader with a unique outcome.

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