How I Stopped Overthinking Every Decision

How the 10–10–10 method helps you make faster decisions.

Benjamin Watkins


Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

How much time do you spend overthinking every decision?

For example, I’m a classic overthinker. I used to overthink what to post on social media, what articles to write, and how to spend my time.

Endless information makes decision-making incredibly hard. The world gives you endless opportunities, and you feel pressured to make a single decision from a thousand choices.

For the longest time, I felt that pressure. The inaction of indecisions made me lethargic. I was overthinking everything. Until I changed my thinking. I changed my mindset.

I came up with something I like to call parallel action.

Parallel Action

What made you get up in the morning? What made you decide something in 5 seconds or less?

Whenever I’m stuck, I remind myself of 5 events in my life that I didn’t overthink.

  • I didn’t overthink getting married
  • I didn’t overthink going on a run
  • I didn’t overthink writing an article every day
  • I didn’t overthink posting on social media today
  • I didn’t overthink choosing my favorite ice cream

I believe you have to remind yourself of why you take instantaneous action. You must remind yourself why you take action on the events in your life.

I do think some things require more thinking. Some decisions are not made instantaneously, like choosing what home to buy. But you also have to think, “how long should I spend on this decision?”

A question I like to ask is, does this decision require this much time and attention?

Use The 10–10–10 Method

The 10–10–10 method works like this:

  • How will this decision affect me in 10 minutes?
  • How will this decision affect me in 10 months?
  • How will this decision affect me in 10 years?

You’re assessing your decision from different timeframes.