How I Write My LinkedIn Content

How I create a content calendar.

Benjamin Watkins
4 min readAug 21, 2023
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Posting consistently on LinkedIn for about a year has taught me so much about the platform.

The best thing I do on LinkedIn is schedule content. That minimizes my last-minute panics of, Oh snap, what should I post?”

Scheduling content creates order instead of chaos. The more I schedule content, the more I’ve developed a pattern of what to post on LinkedIn. That pattern has helped me know what to post on LinkedIn.

Visual Examples on Monday and Tuesday

Copywriting examples are how to start the week. I like to post something I shared from my newsletter the week before.

People also want to see a copywriting example at the beginning of the week, especially if they are looking for examples to inspire their work. I’ve worked on this approach, and it’s done wonders.

Writing Habits on Wednesday and Thursday

Building a writing habit is something I’ve leaned more into on LinkedIn.

I like sharing what you need to do to start that writing habit. I give various perspectives on what it means to overcome the problem of building a writing habit. I also talk about the power of making a writing habit…



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