How to Write With More Personality

Your readers crave personality (loads of it).

Benjamin Watkins


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The online writing world is obsessed with finding what works.

Creators copy other creators. Imitation is literally imitation. Today’s creators will use proven formulas and frameworks to grow as fast as possible. And personality is lost for the sake of follows.

That’s why writing with personality is more alive than ever.

The More You Write, The More You Discover Your Personality

Writing with personality (your distinct voice) takes time. You don’t come out of the gate with a personality.

Writing with personality takes time to develop. It’s because you don’t know where you are as a writer or who you are.

I was obsessed with finding my voice as a writer. But it’s taken me years to learn it because I was afraid of being myself. I thought nobody would follow Ben Watkins.

And yet, the more I lean into my personality, the more people say I should write like that.

Practice Conversational Writing

Conversational writing is the best kind of writing (seriously, the best).

It’s when you add parenthesis to show a sneaky thought. You use informal words like you’re talking to a friend. You can even use metaphors like saying these words pop more than my grandma’s homemade popcorn.

Conversational writing is also about breaking the rules. Write incomplete sentences. Find your style. Do it over and over again.

Do it until your readers love you for it.

Write With Humor

Humor is my favorite kind of writing style.

It could be because I love Seinfeld, Key & Peele, and Saturday Night Live. I also find that humor gives people a jolt of surprise.

It’s why I’ve been writing more and more social posts (especially LinkedIn) with more humor. It feels more like myself.

Avoid Trying to Sound Like Somone You’re Not

The hardest part of writing online — as opposed to writing in your bedroom with complete silence and nobody reading it — is that it’s easy to gravitate toward the writers you want to sound like.

Since writing online is essentially writing in public, you want to make sure you sound impressive. I get it because I’ve done it. I’ve tried to sound like other creators and writers.

And it’s torture.

You can admire other writers. You can even imitate their style. But the key is to break away from it.

Find what works for you.

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