My 6 Favorite Ways to Practice Copywriting

Practical ways to improve your copywriting.

Benjamin Watkins


I practice copywriting examples on Figma.

Practice makes perfect.

That’s never more true of copywriting.

Reading copywriting books will only get you so far. You need to do the real thing. You need to practice copywriting to master it. This is how I’m continually growing as a copywriter.

To master your craft, you have to practice it every day. Here are my six favorite ways I’ve learned to practice copywriting.

1. Write sales emails

Sales emails are the perfect way to practice copywriting.

You can test different sales email (even cold email) approaches and find something that works best for your style.

The key is to practice a great subject line, a hook, and a call to action. Make it clear, like in Gusto’s sales email below.

h/t to

2. Write a newsletter

Writing a newsletter is another way to practice your copywriting.

You can practice what you say succinctly in the newsletter and make sure it’s popping with value.

You can also practice how you write the landing page.

How I write my landing page.

3. Write LinkedIn posts

Writing LinkedIn posts every day helps you figure out what gets attention.

You learn how to write hooks, create structure, and make your posts easier to understand.

You figure out what copywriting frameworks work to help you get more eyeballs on your post.

4. Write tweets

Twitter is similar to LinkedIn. When you practice copywriting on LinkedIn, you can use those…



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