My Wildly Crazy 2022 Goals

Be relentless and pursue the iconic.

Benjamin Watkins
5 min readDec 30, 2021





What three words define your work?

Iconic, prolific, and dedicated will define my writing in 2022.

Iconic because I want to write the best direct response ads and publish best-selling short stories & novels.

Prolific at blogging and telling stories.

Dedicated to making my stories more emotional, more detailed, and more engaging,

That’s why I’m sharing my goals as a copywriter, a storyteller, and above all, a writer.

Multiple Streams of Income

Don’t do everything, be good at a few things.

When I jumped ship from a traditional career and into freelancing, I never imagined how many opportunities there would be.

Like creating multiple streams of income.

Except, if I wanted a steady stream of multiple streams of income, I needed to be really good at a few things. I need to focus on what part of my writing can give me more income.

In the past, I’ve focused on doing everything to make as much as possible. I tried nearly every social media platform, tried reaching every kind of client, and tried to do every kind of work.

It was exhausting.

If you want multiple streams of income, which I’m learning, then focus on 5–7 writing projects like copywriting work, course building, blogging, e-books, a paid newsletter, and more.

The age of writing is exploding. Almost anyone can make a living as a writer.

Yet few can make 6 to 7 figures. That’s why I’m focusing on how I can be really good at a few things rather than trying everything.

Short Stories & a Novel

I’m changing my perspective on writing fiction.

I love the idea of writing a story. But I’ve always felt intimidated by the idea of plotting it, getting rejected, and by the abysmal amount of writers who actually get published and…



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