Never Underestimate the Power of Doing Something That Scares You

Something scary could eventually become something you love doing.

Benjamin Watkins


Photo by Leio McLaren on Unsplash

10 years ago, I had a singular goal to stay away from all jobs that required presentations, business meetings, networking, and writing reports.

I wanted to stay in a bubble of safety and ease.

I chose teaching because I thought it was easy (hint: it wasn’t). Then, I tried to get into nursing school — also super hard.

And then, I discovered the world of online writing and startups.

Do the Scary Things Until They Aren’t Scary

For the longest time, I hated getting on camera, on Zoom calls, to talk to clients. I hated stumbling over words. I hated that I sucked at this thing called “trying to build an online business.”

But the more I did it, the more confident I became.

I kept showing up over and over again. Because I loved the work of a copywriter. I loved writing online.

Sure, some things are terrifying. But life is terrifying. Waking up in this world and living life can be scary. It’s also 100% worth it, especially if you find that thing that keeps you coming back.

Throw Imperfection Out the Window

Perfectionism should be banned from the dictionary.

That word is banned from my house. Instead, you need to welcome imperfection. Invite it into your world. Feed that imperfection soul.

The truth is, nobody actually cares about perfection. They only care about the idea behind it. They care about it, like how you care about your perfect ice cream flavor or vacation.

We chase perfection, but we live with imperfection. It’s imbalanced. It’s reality vs. expectation.

Stop chasing perfection and embrace the ordinary parts of life.

Scary things are scary because they are imperfect. Writing online is scary because we’re afraid of our imperfections. Sharing our ideas with the world is scary because we are imperfect.