The Power of Imperfect Starts: How I’m Starting as a Course Creator

How I’m overcoming my fear of failure and starting a course.

Benjamin Watkins


Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

A few years ago, I told friends and family that I was creating a copywriting course.

Never happened.

I was afraid. I feared creating a course that wouldn’t meet people’s expectations. That fear of imperfection prevented me from starting a copywriting and freelancing course

Last year I changed my approach to imperfect starts. I started writing on Medium every day. I started posting on LinkedIn & Twitter every day. I started creating like a content creator.

That consistency has given me the courage to get started. Here’s why I made that change.

Creating for Others

Creating consistently on Medium, LinkedIn, and Twitter made me realize that people enjoy the value of my content.

I learned what resonates with others. I learned what examples help them the most. And I learned how I could be better at creating content.

Imperfect starts are all about perspective. You can choose to focus on yourself and compare it to others. Or you can focus on how you’re helping people a few steps behind you.



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