The Secret to Becoming a Prolific Writer Is Easier Than You Think

Never stop showing up.

Benjamin Watkins


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Whenever I tell people I have five kids, they look at me in amazement, wondering how in the world I can get anything done.

I don’t have a 5 a.m. morning routine, I don’t take ice baths, I don’t get in the zen mode of writing, and I don’t have serene mornings with espresso.

I got married at 24 (now I’m 34). I blinked, and now I have five kids, who are my absolute world. And yet, I still make time to write every day and work as a freelance copywriter.

I don’t think I’m special. I think I’ve found what’s worked for me. I’ve found a mentality that I’ve fully embraced.

The Secret Is to Do the Same Work Over and Over Again

My secret to writing every day is to do the work over and over again.

I don’t need an elaborate content planner. I don’t need the perfect routine. I need my brain and an hour to pour something out onto a page (maybe 47 minutes because my kids just woke up).

I make time even if it’s interrupted. Sometimes, I write for 10 minutes before the kids wake up, even though I planned for 60 minutes. If that happens, I return to it later in the day.

The key for me is to always return to the writing. I will always come back to it because I’m relentless.

5 Years From Now, What Will You Regret Not Doing?

I constantly ask myself this question.

A year ago, I was afraid to be more relatable in my writing. I was afraid to write satirical content on social media. I was afraid of starting a YouTube channel. I was afraid of teaching a course.

Now, I’m doing all of those things. I do it because I don’t want to be somewhere in five years and say that I wished I started these things that are actually not that scary.

I don’t want regrets. I just want the mindset that I’m going to do it, and I’m going to improve on it.

The Secret Sauce of Success Is You Being You

The secret to becoming a prolific writer is being yourself.

Write about your obsessions. Share your stories. Be weird. Be unique. Be a storyteller.

Every week, my kids surprise me. They say the most hilarious things. They have the most creative ideas. They know how to have fun and be creative because they don’t have a care in the world.

That’s the mindset I’m embracing. I’m writing without worry of what others will think or if my writing is perfect.

I’m writing because it’s fun to be me.

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