The Ultimate Guide to Building an Email List

A list of the ways you can build an email list.

Benjamin Watkins
4 min readMay 15, 2023
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An email list empowers your brand.

It’s a list of subscribers (amazing people) who love your stuff. They want to follow, buy, and learn from you.

Over the years, I’ve built an incredible and loyal following of nearly a thousand subscribers. I’ve also studied and helped brands build an email list that exceeded one hundred thousand subscribers.

Here’s everything I know about building an email list.

Never Fear Self-Promotion

Closed mouths never get fed is absolutely true when it comes to self-promotion.

If you want to build an email list, you need to make people aware that you actually have an email list. This means you have to post it:

  • LinkedIn (in your featured section and the first comment of your posts)
  • You can ask people on social in the DMs to see if they’d join

At first, self-promotion can feel icky and weird, especially if you’re forcing yourself to sound salesy. The key is to sound nonchalant. Be casual about it.

Just regularly inform people that you have a newsletter, what it’s about, and how they can join.



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