What I Learned When I Went Weird On LinkedIn

People remember stories. They engage with them.

Benjamin Watkins
2 min readMay 22


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I’ve written over 300 posts on LinkedIn.

I’ve written serious, funny, and a lot of boring stuff. I thought I had to choose a specific character or person to write on LinkedIn. I soon figured out I could be all of them. I didn’t have to cater to a specific approach.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is how storytelling captivates audiences. Being weird also helps.

The Freelancing Post

A few weeks ago, I posted my hour-by-hour process as a freelance copywriter.

It wasn’t anything spectacular. It was ordinary. Relatable. And that’s why people on LinkedIn gravitated toward it. This post is one of my most popular posts ever.

I loved writing this post. It energized me. I loved being weird. I told a story that was a raw look at how my life is far from perfect as a freelancer.

See full post here.

The Process Post

Another post shows how weird I went on LinkedIn.

I exaggerated the truth. I showed people how I get 5–7 likes on LinkedIn through a series of weird rituals.

I also loved writing this post. I loved telling a wacky, weird story that shook people out of their boring lives.

I loved trying something different.

Don’t Be Afraid to Shoot Your Shot

I love watching Saturday Night Live, advertisements, and funny things to find my inspiration.

Not every SNL episode is funny. Not every advertisement is entertaining. The key is to go for it. Shoot your shot. I tried something different, and I loved it. People loved it.

Don’t be afraid to shoot your shot. Tell your story. Be weird. Try something different that will force people to stop and read.

Tell stories.

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