What I’ve Learned as a Writer In the Last 9 Months

Start small. Keep going.

Benjamin Watkins
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After nearly nine months of writing every day, I took a two-week break.

The time off made me realize how much I love writing. It also gave me time to reflect on my goals. I evaluated how much I had done as a writer these past nine months and what I wanted to accomplish in the next nine months.

More than anything, I wanted to return to writing.

Take a Break When You Need It

In the last nine months of writing, there were moments when I wrote without hesitation. Words skipped in front of one another.

I wrote with energy. I had coffee. I had enough sleep. I had an unrivaled desire to write consistently.

On other days, I felt lazy. But I kept writing. I kept checking the box of writing every day, no matter the number of words.

While I built a habit of writing every day for the last nine months, I also gave my permission to take a break. Recharge my mind. Recharge my writing soul. I’m glad I did because I needed it.

Now I feel beyond refreshed.

Take a writing break when you need it. Just don’t make it permanent. Rekindle the writing habit you’ve built before.

I Love Experimenting With Stories

I love experimenting with stories. Sometimes it’s a day in the life of a freelancer. Sometimes it’s about copywriting.

The more I tell stories, the more I realize my obsession with storytelling. I want to capture that raw emotional power that ignites our imagination.

The thing with experiments is that you need a lot of them to make a discovery. The more I experimented with my writing, the more I realized how much I love telling a memorable story.

And I want to tell better stories better than anyone else.

You Can Be Any Kind of Writer You Want to Be

The cool thing about writing is that you can be any kind of writer you want to be.

You can write drama, comedy, or random stories about your life.



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