What I’ve Learned as a Writer In the Last 9 Months

Start small. Keep going.

Benjamin Watkins
3 min readJun 5, 2023
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After nearly nine months of writing every day, I took a two-week break.

The time off made me realize how much I love writing. It also gave me time to reflect on my goals. I evaluated how much I had done as a writer these past nine months and what I wanted to accomplish in the next nine months.

More than anything, I wanted to return to writing.

Take a Break When You Need It

In the last nine months of writing, there were moments when I wrote without hesitation. Words skipped in front of one another.

I wrote with energy. I had coffee. I had enough sleep. I had an unrivaled desire to write consistently.

On other days, I felt lazy. But I kept writing. I kept checking the box of writing every day, no matter the number of words.

While I built a habit of writing every day for the last nine months, I also gave my permission to take a break. Recharge my mind. Recharge my writing soul. I’m glad I did because I needed it.

Now I feel beyond refreshed.

Take a writing break when you need it. Just don’t make it permanent. Rekindle the writing habit you’ve built before.



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