What I’ve Learned By Showing My Work

Why it’s helped me become a better copywriter and online writer.

Benjamin Watkins


The best comedians always show their work.

They write jokes. Refine them. Then, they are delivered to an audience. Sometimes, they fall flat. Sometimes, they get roaring laughs. The best comedians learn what works. They keep the best and edit out the stuff that falls flat.

Sharing your work can be the hardest thing to do. It can also be the best thing for your career if you keep doing it.

It’s how I’ve learned to stand out with my copywriting examples and my writing.

1. You Get Better Feedback

When I started sharing copywriting examples, I feared being called out.

Maybe my work sucks? Maybe it’s not good enough? Maybe people will call me a fraud?

These are questions we all have whenever we share our work. Even the best creators have these fears. The only way to get over this fear is to keep showing up. Nobody cares as much as you think they care.

The truth is that the more you show your work, the more feedback you’ll get.

2. Your Audience Gets to Know Your Style



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