Why Consistent Writing Is So Damn Difficult

How I reframe my idea of consistency.

Benjamin Watkins


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

“Be 1% better every day.”

This is the James Clear advice floating on social media from every creator. They’ve taken his advice and transformed it into a Summer blockbuster.

I get it. But I’m also tired of consistency because it’s damn hard to be a consistent online writer.

Consistent Writing Will Either Doom or Deliver You

Writing online over and over again is not a get-rich scheme.

Writing online is hard work. Making money working online is hard work. It’s more than delivering value.

It’s articulating an idea into value. Then turning that value into trust. And then turning trust into a lifelong customer.

Sure, you can write online to be willy nilly. Live carefree. Let your words dangle like diamonds. The truth is, nobody may care what you’re dangling. You may think they are diamonds when it’s really a diamond covered in a lot of dirt that nobody notices.

Writing online will only help you if you learn to articulate your idea. If nobody understands you, they won’t care what you have to say.

Writing online will deliver you if you can convey value in the easiest consumable way. People will trust you. People will buy from you. But it’s your job to figure out how to write like that.

Shiny Pennies Are Sucking My Soul

Everybody wants whatever is new and shiny.

As a parent, I know what it’s like to step through the dreaded toy aisle at the grocery store. My kids see endless shiny pennies — they want new toys. It wouldn’t matter if they received 100 new toys the day before.

As an online writer, I always see endless opportunities. Following endless creators has made me realize how many shiny opportunities there are. Courses, cohorts, newsletters, and so many other shiny opportunities.

But it also makes me forget to ask the most important question: What do I want to create that I care about the most? Answering that question helps me get past the shiny pennies.