Why Good Copywriting Is Honest

Give prospects the facts of your offer.

Benjamin Watkins


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Good copywriting sells the truth.

No gimmicks. No tricks. No deception. Just the truth. Yet so many copywriters, marketers, and brands don’t think that’s enough. They like to overpromise and underdeliver.

As a copywriter, I’ve noticed the benefits of honest copywriting. I know how it makes prospects say, “wait, is this true? That’s an incredible deal!

Here are examples to show why good copywriting is honest.

Avis’s brilliant marketing strategy

Back in the day, Hertz was the leader in car rentals. Avis couldn’t compete with them. So what they’d do? They were honest with the consumer.

They said they were the no. 2 car rental company. That means they would work twice as hard to make the customer happy. It meant that they had to be nicer to their customers so they could continue to compete with Hertz.

Avis admitted a weakness, which according to the PratFall Effect, appeals to consumers. And they reframed an objection of what it means to be no. 2 by saying, “we try harder.

Most people think no. 2 isn’t the best. But Avis reframed by saying they try harder because they want to be no. 1.

Hyposwiss is really honest

Here’s another example of copywriting that is 100% honest.

Hyposwiss says it straight. They could have said, “we protect our client’s money.” But that would be boring. Instead, they grab the reader’s attention with something unexpected.

Honest copywriting can be surprising to a customer. The customer often expects the brand to say something boring and cliche.

Hyposwiss subverts expectations by saying something 100% honest. As a result, it’s memorable.

How honest…