Words That Can Kill Your Business

Words that make it sound like you’re trying too hard to grab attention.

Benjamin Watkins
3 min readSep 20, 2021


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This could be the most shocking and jaw-dropping you’ve ever read.

Not really.

As much as I would like you to read this article and learn something from it, I can’t make claims that are false and assume this article will be the most shocking thing you’ve ever read.

Over the years, marketing has built a bad name because of those terrible phone calls in the middle of dinner from an internet provider that wants to sell me on a shockingly low offer.

Or an email I receive when I wake up and it says “Secret ways to stay in shape you’ve never heard of.”

I’m getting a little tired of the word secret getting thrown around all the time.

If you’re in marketing or in business, you know the most important thing is the customer. You want that customer to enter your funnel at any cost so, as a result, you try click-baity words that are really cheap trickery methods.

What are these cheap trickery words you may ask?

Here they are…

  • Shocking
  • Unbelivable
  • Secret
  • Hack
  • NEW
  • Ultimate guide

These words are designed to immediately hook the reader’s attention, but they’ve been overused so much that they’ve lost value.

Marketing and business is about building trust, not trying to trick or snag someone’s attention to read your article and sign up for your funnel.

I’ve made that mistake early on as a marketer because I was trying so hard to build an email list.

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